Momentum Are Trying To Politicise Coronavirus Pandemic

Momentum Are Trying To Politicise Coronavirus Pandemic

Momentum activists have been exposed by the Express in an online video conference invited former shadow Chancellor John McDonnell who then openly discussed how they (momentum) plan on infiltrating voluntary groups especially among nurses who are helping vulnerable communities in the coronavirus would be used as a future platform for the Left.

Mcdonnell: “It is interesting that the coronavirus crisis it is Labour Party members who are populating the voluntary sector that are rising to the challenge of the coronavirus.

“We are now from the Labour Party populating that whole voluntary sector area.

“That again gives us the opportunity again with issues like housing we have got new organisational forms we can not only use to tackle a particular problem but use then to evolve a debate and discussion about what socialist practices are at the local as well as the national level.”

During a different video conference Wolves of Westminister revelled Faiza Shaheen, a former Labour Party candidate in the recent General Election and Director of the CLASS think tank was asked by a member of the audience

Do you have any advice on politicising mutual aid, when it is very much depoliticised and apolitical in some areas and constituencies?”

She answered by saying  “once this is over” she wants to arrange a meetup and further added  “It’s horrible, it’s horrific to think that we’re stuck with this Government for a few years. But, in the meantime, we have time to build the movement and bring people in, and bring them in on issues that they care about. People become accidental activists and they see it for themselves, and we really have to do that work and be patient.”

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