UK Aims to double coronavirus testing to 25,000 a day

UK Aims to double coronavirus testing to 25,000 a day

Britain is aiming to double the number of coronavirus tests it is carrying out to around 25,000 a day within the next two weeks.

Robert Jenrick, the Communities Secretary made the prediction due to mounting criticism and pressure surrounding the Government’s attempts to ramp up testing across the country.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove also claimed on Sunday that ‘No 10’ had achieved its initial target of around 10,000 tests a day.

Appearing on Sky News, Mr Jenrick said the UK now had the capacity to carry out around 12,750 tests a day.

Jenrick stated that tests will increase to 15,000 “within days” and further added: “That’s a significant increase but still not as far as we would like it to be, and mid-April is when we would expect to be at 25,000.”

Mr Jenrick also said: “The position is that you need a number of different ingredients to make an efficient test and we have some of the ingredients available in the UK but not all of them and so we need to bring together the right group of chemicals and other materials to produce the test.

“We are trying to do that, the industry is doing a fantastic job, but this is a huge effort. We’re importing material from overseas, but there’s extremely high demand internationally.

“We have some of the ingredients but not all of them. But the good news is that production is now increasing.

“We had 8,240 people tested on Monday. We have the capacity to test about 12,700 people and so we’re going to use that spare capacity to start testing NHS workers.”

It has been revealed that only around 2000 NHS workers have been tested out of a possible 1.3 Million.

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