Child Rape Grooming Gang consisting of 55 Asylum Seekers kept Secret by Scottish Police for 3 years

Child Rape Grooming Gang consisting of 55 Asylum Seekers kept Secret by Scottish Police for 3 years

A grooming gang was kept secret by Scottish police despite victimising at least 44 young girls.

Glasgow police shut down a child rape gang consisting of 55 members which were all either “asylum seekers or naturalised asylum seekers”, but the police did not reveal the existence of this group or the operation to take this group down to the public.

The police operation took place in 2016. However, this operation is only becoming public knowledge 3 years later, according to ‘The Scottish Sun, which revelled a briefing document from Police in Scotland that reveals the report (link to the report) conducted by Detective Inspector Sarah Taylor from the National Child Abuse Investigation Unit found that

  • 55 suspects
  • 46 identified – Kurdish, Afghani, Egyptian, Algerian, Moroccan,
    Turkish, Pakistan and Iraqi
  • all are either asylum seekers or naturalised asylum seekers
  • 22 remain within Greater Glasgow area
  • 8 outwith Glasgow area
  • 14 deported
  • 1 currently awaiting deportation
  • 1 currently within Prison

The report also provided details of the scale at which the grooming gang operated, with one victim believed to have been abused and raped by 28 different members of the same group, and another girl being linked to 23 men within the gang.

As to why the investigation into the grooming gang was hidden from the public is “unknown”


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17 thoughts on “Child Rape Grooming Gang consisting of 55 Asylum Seekers kept Secret by Scottish Police for 3 years

    1. I think everyone of them who might I add come here without ANY PREVIOUS CONCICTIONS should be sent back to where they came from

  1. It is time all this should be dragged kicking and screaming right into the middle of everyone’s knowledge because all this secrecy is very damaging for the girls who have suffered and are still suffering because of these animals.Having been raped once at the age of 17,I still cannot forget the horror of it at the age of 75,so I know exactly what these girls are going through now and for always!!Let the world know about these men and either lock them up or take them back from where they came.

    1. All of them are scum that doesn’t deserve to live, if it was my choice they would be buried out in the woods alive.

      1. Out in the woods is an option many probably think of when they find their law enforcement isn’t there to serve their well-being ,, who else is going to protect their families . I have a shovel !


  3. It’s just unbelievable. How do these young girls end up near these guys they obviously have no respect for the country that have given them asylum or the girls in this country. Don’t parents know where their daughters are anymore. The men should all be deported

    1. Political correctness ruining countries. Frightened to be called racist. So the word is mightier than the sword these days! Absolute disgraceful to allow these people to remain in the country which our forefathers fought & died for. I wonder how many actually have contributed to the country. Western civilization is being ruined by people who do not assimilate & multiply at a rapid rate & drain the country with handouts. Why are politicians (who live in a bubble & have absolutely no idea how people live & work outside it) so hell bent on bringing these people into the country. I live in Australia & we are also following you like sheep. I despair of the quality of people who run the country. No commonsense seems to be the norm these days.

    2. The time has come to bring back hanging dna is a lot better now.. Letting people into our country for them to do that to our children and nor respect them or the British way of life…. The girls will suffer throughout their lives .. Deport them all…

  4. Shirley Baines, that is spot on !
    We should deal with them how they dealt with the children. Place these people in a situation where the children’s families deal with them.
    Low cost too !

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