Long-Bailey’s Fracking Hypocrisy.

Long-Bailey’s Fracking Hypocrisy.

Photo credit: https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/rebecca-long-bailey-joins-labour-leadership-race/

Labour leadership candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey who has been a consistently outspoken ‘anti-fracker’, has been exposed as being a hypocrite.

Due to long-Bailey’s husband, Stephen Bailey being the global marketing director for the company “BWA Water Additives”.

He also earns a substantial six-figure salary as well as driving an Audi A5 costing around 50k to purchase.

it was also revealed that “BWA Water Additives” are heavily involved in supplying chemicals such as Bellacide: 300, 350 Bellasol, S30, S50, S80 to various fracking companies. These chemicals are heavily toxic and corrosive.

For example, this is the First Aid measures for Bellasol S50…

Photo Credit: http://impactchem.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Bellasol-S50.pdf

Long-Bailey has been an active anti-fracker, often campaigning for the ban of fracking, yet at the same time profiting from fracking through her husband’s heavy involvement. 

once this story was released, Long-Bailey made the comment that “BWA Water Additives” don’t supply biocides.

This is Stephen Long-Baileys linked in account……

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